Soaring Housing Prices In 2017

Trends and forecasts for real estate in 2017 The increase or decrease in property prices in 2017? And lending rates, should we fear an increase in 2017? All about real estate in 2017 for France of the review of the property market in 2016 and trend analysis of the latest developments in order to prepare the proposed purchase or sale of housing. The profitability of rental properties in 100 cities of France Assistance for rental property investment with the synthesis of apartment prices and rents per square meter in the 100 largest cities in France, the calculation of gross rental yields and the ratio price/rent. All of them know where to invest in rental property with the best profitability. How can we negotiate the selling price of the property posted? Prices shown on the real estate ads are always negotiable. But how much can you expect to lower the price demanded by the owner? Often there is a significant difference between the listed price for a house or apartment and the price at which the property is actually sold. 7 sites to estimate the price of real estate How to self-estimate the value of his property? Discover the 7 sites that allow you to get an estimate of the price of real estate home or apartment. Analysis of prices in your area and your type of accommodation you will have a good idea of the value of your property. Property Surveyor: used to assess real estate? Get estimates of real estate for an apartment or house can be done in different ways (notaries, real estate agents, appraisers, online, independent, etc.). Find out what the best solution to make a good estimate of the property and determine how well the lowest price for a quick sale and financially attractive. The cost of purchasing real estate: Beware related costs when you buy a property, not just the purchase price of the house or apartment that you will pay. There are many additional costs could easily exceed the price of a house or apartment just purchased. So take a good knowledge of all the costs associated with buying a property before you start! Negotiate the purchase price of the apartment or house out different trading techniques to reduce the purchase price of a house or apartment. Never buy a property without negotiating a price. Pebbles: The following history list submission a very useful tool to track the history of real estate advertising on websites the “Petits Cailloux” application. It allows you to monitor your advertising and find out how long the property is for sale. Valuable information to properly negotiate the purchase price or lease. Castor’s: a tool to monitor the evolution of real estate advertising in SeLoger and tool selection Castors lemon coin to monitor over time the evolution of the price of a house or apartment in sites. The service is complementary to that PetisCailloux. It would be very valuable to get information before buying a property on the Internet for weeks, months or even years. all real estate prices by a notary public notary Website disseminate official statistics on real estate prices in France. You will find the prices of houses and apartments by region and city. The wealth of information about housing prices in your geographic area, this site presents Immoprix still some drawbacks. Curve Friggin Jacques Friggit is an economist specializing in the development of property prices. His work has resulted in the formation of graphics on real estate. So you’ll find the curve Friggit and tunnels that determine the long-term rate of house prices relative to income. Real Estate in October 2016: the numbers in check the latest figures in the news for real estate in the October 2016 price changes relative to income, mortgage rates, the opportunity to change insurance loans, leases benchmark (IRL), taxes housing, etc. What are the advantages of purchasing property in the 100 largest French cities? Discover average yield properties observed in the large cities of France. What is the cost of an apartment in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Lille, Strasbourg, Montpellier, etc.?

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