mila kunis ever in abused the manufacturer

The road to become a famous movie star is not easy. At least this is perceived by Mila Kunis. This beautiful actress claimed to have received threats from a film producer for refusing to pose half-naked for a men’s magazine.

“You’ll never work in this town again,” she threatened the producer after a 33-year-old actress refused to take part in exciting photo shoot as part of a promotional film.

I was so upset, Kunis finally wrote an open letter on the website A Plus, a media founded by her husband. In his letter, dark-haired actress said she felt “angry” and “treated like objects” because of the incident.

It also encouraged Kunis to voice their opinions about the gender gap in the workplace. “Throughout my career, there are some moments when I was denounced, marginalized, are paid less, are not considered to be creative, and pass away because of my sex,” she wrote furiously.

Kunis also mentions another incident that occurred after he built a production company along with three other women. A producer influential man called it “Ashton future wife and mother of his child,” when they’re discussing a project.

“He lowered my grades so nothing more than my relationship with a man’s success and ability to contain. He ignored my creativity and my team, as well as the contribution of our logistics. We then withdrew from the project,” he said again.

Save the film Black Swan was then told she vowed to always fight sexist comments were made against.



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